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03-18-2008, 07:24 AM
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Originally Posted by MRocketR View Post
Tavares is only 4 days off from the 2008 draft and according to TSN 7 out 10 scouts would rather choose Stamkos over Tavares and most would place him at #3 if he was eligible for the 08 draft.
I'm not sold on the Tavares thing yet. I'm more impressed by players like Stamkos, Drew Doughty and Nikita Filatov than Tavares.
Its easy for those 7 scouts to pump up the 2008 eligible players when Tavares isn't eligible till 2009. I think if Tavares actually was eligible this year, they'd be singing a different tune. Ive seen quite a bit of both, been live to games here in Kingston with both, and Tavares has outperformed Stamkos IMO. Sure I've only seen a small sample, but I think Tavares was better at the WJC, in games I've seen, and his overall OHL production is far better too, has been both this year and last. Tavares to me is gonna be every bit as good as the hype says.

Originally Posted by Redux91 View Post
Seriously...Stamkos is going to be waaaay better than Tavares.. i see tavares as going to be an injury prone type player, i got a feeling.
You've got a feeling?? Based on what exactly?? Cause as far as I can tell Tavares was playing in the OHL since he was 15 and has never had any kind of significant injury.... Is there anything concrete to back up this feeling?? If you were a scout would you put your job on the line saying Stamkos>>Tavares based on this injury prone feeling.

We've all seen Bob McKenzie's report that some scouts are saying they'd take Stamkos over Tavares if they were both 2008 eligible... Again, I don't buy it. I think its a case where they are hyping up the 2008 draft over the 2009 one just cause 2008 is gonna be here first. They know the NHL will never make an exception to let Tavares in early, and they want to say, look our pick is just as good or better. If he actually was a 2008, i think things would be ranked differently.

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