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Originally Posted by Beakermania View Post
The grass is always greener syndrome.... Sometimes we only see highlights of guys playing in the other conference, but we see a lot of our own boys.... so we are overly critical of our prospects but overly hyped on other teams players. Or sometimes we are overhyped on our guys and don't realize how good other teams guys are.... It all depends on how much the media hypes the other teams.

For example, I think Mueller is really underrated in the East. Tom Gilbert too... these are two young kids doing great things for their teams, but the media isn't all over them, and we don't see a lot of the little things these guys do.


Sometimes you fall in love with the idea of a player rather than the reality. Maybe Ruutu's a guyt like that. Skill and grit's what comes to mind for me. After a few serious injuries, both attributes could have diminished but my one glimpse of him this year doesn't make me an authority.

When you assess values, we make a lot of assumptions. In the end, a GM has to decide what a guy's worth to 'me'. If Gainey felt strongly that Halak was a guy he wanted going forward rather than a good prospect, that changes things. The goalie market was low, early in the year so most of us would assume that Halak couldn't get you a solid player. Then we see him play 2 good games, we're on the bandwagon and are relieved that he's still here.

Things change ehh, and if anything, it proves how we're only trying to guess how players are valued.

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