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03-18-2008, 09:39 AM
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This is funny...

Outsiders opinion and resident Ranger fan here but love your board and all the passion y'all show.

But just read all 9 pages of this and I'm sitting here shaking my head as there really is nothing to see here. When Huet got dealt there were 17-18 regular season games remaining. Did anyone who knows anything about hockey, in their right mind think that Price was going to play all of It was clearly obvious that Carbo was going to play Halak 3-4 times or so in a back to back situation like what occured with the Ducks/Kings games and an odd game or two here or there as the regular season came to a close.

So what's the big deal that Carey gets to sit a week with 8 games left and Halak gets rewarded with 2 consecutive after pitching a shutout even if it was the offensivly challenged Islanders? He deserved it but Price is clearly going to get a ton of playing time down the stretch here. I think maybe Halak gets one more game...two tops of the remaining games. In fact, he might not even get any with the top spot in the east still very much in doubt as they'll likely want Price to play all of them as he's quite rested now, ready to go and he's played extremely well since Huet left town.

I dunno, maybe I'm missing something here but its obvious Gainy/Carbo have hitched their wagon to Price as he's the clear #1 with Halak as his talented backup and yet people in here cause they are used to goalie controversies since Sir Paddy left town, they want to see some sort of controversy here even when there is none...its actually pretty humourous.

It aint happening folks...Price is clearly the man and I really feel bad for you guys as he'll most likley be the man in Montreal for oh...say another 10-12 years!....heh

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