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Originally Posted by Dominant Hegemony View Post
I'll tell you exactly what the problem with today's music is:

1) Role models. This is something that is increasingly important in today's world as kids grow up idolizing whatever popular or "bad boy" star there is out there. When you have so many negative elements in that music, you can bet that it turns kids into little punks.

2) Seeing as how hip-hop/Rap is predominantly present in popular culture (and im talking stuff that they show on MTV and what not, not the underground stuff) and that has so many negative and violent elements to it *cough* 50 cent *cough*.

3) How women, others etc are portrayed through this music. Im sorry, but again, predominantly, popular music has this incredibly dumb idea of how women are treated. I dont see what's cool OR smart about saying: my ******s suck my d*ck, i smoke my weed and kill the ni**ers that get in my way! And that should, plain and simple, not be accepted.

Let's face it, popular music perpetrates dumbness. "Mix 96, today's best music" what? are you ****ing kidding me? And you know what? Lots of people believe that.

And that is what's wrong with today's music.

If someone puts together a song that has a meaningful message, it be positive, or an actual cultural criticism (eg: criticizing the US gov etc) that's ok. Because it causes you to think. And that's what rap should be (should i point out that Bob Dylan invented Rap?), a positive or intelligent message. Not the dumb down stuff that you hear today on the radio the idiot box.

I cant recall any of the hard metal/hardcore music i listen to that pushes the idea of killing each other. As a matter of fact, many of those bands happen to be religious (which is another debate, but at least it's not in a negative way).

Anyways, hip hop/rap acquired the reputation it has today because of itself. If there werent all these dumbasses who made money out of it, there wouldnt be any of that garbage.

The music industry is a twisted ****ed up child.

For fun, i suggest some of you guys skip on over here:

The problem with music
Wow...i'm amazed, I thought I had read it all

Bob Dylan invented rap? Ok sure, try Gil Heron Scott, it was then turned into a different form by Kurtis Blow.

There is a message in hip hop, you don't like the way it's put across, that's the difference. Hip Hop might be the most raw type of music, when people talk rap about drugs, guns and all that other non sense (don't get me wrong, I don't agree with the glorification of it) it to talk about the conditions they live in, sure there are some artist like 50 cent who glorify it, and that's the problem I have. However, if you go back to Grandmaster Flash with the song "The message" it's always been about telling a story, alot of these people don't live on Park avenue. They come from tough neighborhoods where they do what they have to do to survive and they tell that story in their music. It doesn't make it right or wrong, it just is what it is.

1) Role models - They should be your parents, not some artist on MTV. I've listened to hip hop all my life, it has influenced certain aspects of my life, however, I have parents who brought me up the right way and taught me right from wrong. Music, of all genres, is just entertainment, it's not a way of life. If you're not smart enough to make that distinction, then that's your problem. Not 50 cent's...

2) see my post above...videos/songs are for entertainment, they're not a handbook for how to live your life.

3)Women have been objectified since the beginning of time, trying to use hip hop as the scapegoat is just an easy way out and a way to totally ignore the problem

Yuo can't recall any of the hard core/metal music that portrays negative images?

Ever listen to Marilyn Manson (not really familiar with metal, just picked a name), I did some lyrics reasearch, here's what I came up with from one song, and I assume alot of his other music is the same

Everybody's someone else's n***er/I know you are so am I
I wasn't born with enough middle fingers/
I don't need to choose a side
I better, better, better, better not say this
better, better, better, better not tell
I hate the hater, I'd r**e the r***r
I am the idiot who will not be himself
****** it

I could of went on there, that was actually some pretty tame stuff comapred to what else I found

There's PLENTY of counscious hip hop, but it's the consumer who decides what they want to listen to. The consumer decides what's popular, so that means the problem is much deeper than hip hop, the problem is at home.

I get so sick of people using hip hop as a scapegoat for their own failures

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