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03-18-2008, 03:29 PM
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I was one of those who was bashing him earlier but ive never called for his head. Carbs learned a lot from last season and this year and it showed.

Cause no longer than the beginning of the season Carbonneau didnt even believe that his team had enough talent to compete offensively with the top teams in the league or to comeback when trailing. I even saw players buying into what he was saying and basically not believing in their abilities.

I remember Koivu saying that he agreed with Carbs and that the team had to win 2-1 games to have a chance at the playoffs. Thats where we saw Carbs handcuff them and thats where most of us were angry cause we knew this team had lots of talent.

Then comes the turnaround; SK 74 comes in and gives us 3 lines that can score for the first time in a long long time. Then Carbs started to fall in love with that idea and started to bench marginal players who were usually his favorites (Begin, Dandenault, Kosto, Smokes). Carbs starts to get it; talent + hard work wins you way more games then hard work alone. So here we are today with one of the best offense in the league, somthing Carb never believed but learned to understand; his team does have a lot of talent.

So people here can make fun of the carbo bashers because he looks good now but the truth is that they were right. Carbo sucked but now hes getting it. It took time but we had to be patient.

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