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05-02-2004, 07:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Edge
What is Holik's role in this rebuild?

Ideally he serves as a role model for what it takes to be a part of a winning team. But seldom are ideals reached.

Reality says he'll probably complain and run his mouth a little more than he should.

Does anyone know if he wants to take part with this rebuild of the Rangers?

Well it depends on if he feels he "signed up for this" or not. It also depends on if he rubs his teammates as awkwardly as he has for two years now.

As for a rebuilding process, it's no secret that Sather is going to be asking a lot of both Jagr and Holik and that those two are going to be consulted on many things. The Rangers are looking to make a splash or at least an impact on this year draft so don't rule out any move involving any player or any pick.

Also don't be surprised if Barnaby is back as well.
first of all what are u taling abot????
run his mouth to much he hasnt to begin with, the man says what is on his mind we knew that when nyr signed him and i like the point he speaks out what he feels, especially with sather, if he gets traded because he speaks up then he deserves to be with a real team that can deal with him, u act like he been sasying nasty things all year.. doint get it

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