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05-02-2004, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve L
Yes, then the players would finally adjust or would the refs just give up like any other crackdown.

Its funny how Football is called the same from a friendly game to the world cup final, the same goes for rugby, cricket, field hockey and every other sport on the planet. Do you see F1 drivers not penalised because it will not affect the outcome of the race? Do you see a footballer not get sent off because his team are already losing 3-0? Do you see a rugby team not get a penalty kick because the are 34-3 up?

You know why there arent a stupid amount of stoppages in those game? Because the players know if they break the rules, they will be penalised. Thats not true in the NHL because the players dont know if they will be called as it depends on the officials mood, score, previous penalties and personal bias.
You said it best. Once players know 100% what a penalty is and what isn't, THEY will shape up... but of course they're going to obstruct, clutch and grab if no one is blowing the whistle... everyone likes having the upper hand... unfortunately, in situations like that, there's always going to be a team that gets screwed over by one team not getting called for it.

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