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03-18-2008, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by HabstuckinTO View Post
This is absolutely the way to go. Never, ever have to lug around 1 or 2 propane tanks back and forth - sweet. As for the BBQ unit, Ducane makes great products. Have had one for 6 years and it works like a charm all year round. American-made but top quality.
I hope so. I've never used natural gas but I've heard it actually burns hotter... don't know why that would be unless you wind up being able to get more pressure out of the gas line.

It will be nice not having to worry about running out of gas though.
Originally Posted by BLONG7 View Post
I think IPE is really expensive...
Apparently its 25-30% more expensive than cedar but about the same as Trex.

I think it depends on who does the installing. If you're working with a company that does a lot of Ipe you're going to pay less because Ipe is tough to install and its so hard it can break and dull saw blades. You really have to know what you're doing.

Once its built its a lot less maintenance though and its guaranteed for 99 years. The stuff is incredible. They use it for boardwalks and it requires very little maintenance. Even staining only needs to be done once every five years (if you want to stain it.) You don't need to do anything with it. Its bug, mold, fire and splinter resistant. That's why they call it Ironwood.

I'll wait and see on the pricing but I think its like getting a car. If you want a good one you pay more up front. If you get a cheaper one you pay less up front but more down the road. I'd much rather pay once and then not worry about it.

We'll see though... I'm not going to pay twenty grand for a deck, I don't care if its made of gold.

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