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03-19-2008, 12:37 PM
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Originally Posted by ApeZilla View Post
Well if you're never going to be playing on Asphalt (or another abrasive surface) spend some money on a 1 piece composite stick. This stick is not wooden and does not have a separate blade. For your height and weight I'd suggesting staying at 87 Flex and going no higher. Don't worry, most sticks you find will be around 87. Don't forget that you can cut the stick down. Some like it shorter or longer but without skates on the stick should come up to about your nose.
I wouldn't recommend it as there isn't much difference between the two especially if they are tapered shaft and piece sticks are just fused tapered shafts and blades. Plus not worth the hassle if you are still trying to find the right combo of flex and curve.

But do remember like the poster said...if the stick is going to be cut down, you might want to find a whippier stick just so you can get the flex you want after cutting it. Usually it's about 4 flex per inch you slice off.

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