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Originally Posted by pkd88 View Post
There is this strange thing in adult (non checking) hockey that the D and goalies think you can push, cross check, whatever the offense out of the way. That is interference. If the goalie pushes you it is a penalty.

There is no reminder, that is a penalty.

It all depends on were you play.

I have played at several non checking leagues and there are some rinks that let you bump rub push players out of the way and some dont let any of that happen. Most of the refs that i have that i dont know i ask before the game so i dont sit half the game in the box.

I have seen refs call pens for lifting of the stick. stupid crap like that.

oh well it all depends on the refs and league. Usally higher league more stuff goes on because it will self police its self and lower league they call alot of hits so things dont get out of hand because most people cant skate very well and they dont want someone taking offense to what happend to them.

If you hit my goalie I hit you I dont care if I get 2 mins or not. you wont do it agian.
Checking or not you dont hit the goalie!!! plain and simple.

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