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05-02-2004, 04:11 PM
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Originally Posted by s7ark
Lastly, I haven't seen one referee yet with the balls to retract a "bogus" call made by the other official.
That is because referees do not have the authority to do so. Once a call is made, it is made.

As the other referee, if you don't agree with a call your partner has made, you let him know at the intermission or at the end of the game. Good referees let their partners know things like this, and it will turn into a healthy discussion which will help the referees have a better game next time out.

Originally Posted by capn89
You said it best. Once players know 100% what a penalty is and what isn't, THEY will shape up
Hockey rulebooks are not written in such a manner. Rulebooks do not say 100% what is and is not a penalty. Rules are specified and defined, but what does and does not fit those descriptions are left up to the referees on the ice.

All those other sports you mentioned all have rulebooks that allow little to no room for judgment. Hockey rulebooks are not written that way.

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