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03-19-2008, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by malkinfan View Post
I've been very observant that whenever Laraque is not in the lineup or gets kicked out of a game, the flyers play dirty.
A little OT - the best was when biron blockered spezza in the back of the head after he was scored on, biron in the interview smiled and said it must have been something to do with the tough reputation of the team. Yeah, where was that toughness when Laraque took him out? Any other team would have cleared the bench. Everyone on the team looked the other way. Why? because A)Biron is really a sissy B)Laraque already pummbled Cote that game already and C) even 40yr. old Roberts pumbled almost half his age Eager prior to this (by the way, eager was traded like a week later.
Laraque also nailed downey who faked laying on the ice so he wouldn't have to stand up for himself because he is also a panzy.
I love how the Flyers think there so tough, really they are dirty panzies! Next match up will be interesting.
Try posting something like this on the Flyers board, everyone even the moderators are dillusional on that board.
Yo seriously. You gotta calm down about the Flyers play. They have always had a rough style of play to them and just because they lose a few fights doesnt mean they are wusses. Crosby has only fought once in which he happened to win. Let him go up against Cote, Downie, or even Richards and he will get his ass kicked. The Jones hit on Bergeron was not on purpose. It was no ones fault even though everyone makes it out to be Jones' fault. You gotta get your head outta your ass. When Simon and Pronger stomp on people, that gives them a free ride. But the second something has to do with the Flyers, all hell breaks loose and people start calling them panzies. Thats just insane.

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