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05-02-2004, 05:38 PM
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Originally Posted by RGF
bway old are you? you seem overlyzealous to toss players away that you seem to not know a lot about.

obviously liffiton and pock or rachunek arent AMAZING. but theyre really young and have more potential than other teams D lines. I think NEW YORK is entering a stage that San Jose entered 5 years back. they were starting to develop a ton of young dmen, and now its paying off. mclaren obviously cemented their youth and we made need that, but our prospects are a lot better than you know about

i would be happy to bet you 100$ that Liffiton and Taylor are solid NHL players if their development continues the way it has. Pock will be good, not a brian leetch but a better poti with development. and Rachunek vs Poti? id take Rachunek right now, but honestly im not willing to trade any of our DMEN till we have an overwhelming glut of young able ready NHL caliber prospects. this is why San Jose could afford to trade Jillson.

YOU DONT trade solid prospects before you see them or know a lot about them.

SECONDLY, youd be a bad GM. youre theoretically spreading your legs for any rival gm to rob you off talent that youre too careless to know about. play poker or need to learn that you up the ante gradaully lol. you dont just lay it all out there, the goal of a team LOOKING TO REBUILD into something NYR FANS have NEVER experienced is to give away as least as possible and exact the best returns for the minimums. THIS has been SATHERS only redeeming quality he has brought with him from EDM. he seems savvy this way. always getting stuff of less or not giving too much away

please stop insisting on ovechkin, prucha could be much better, and if not, if oveckin is a stud, we still would have a player that many scouts see as a datsyuk, which id take over another kovalchuk, bc there will be another "flash" for NYR to get one day. maybe itll be CROSBY. id rather sit tight now with what we have rebuild like how we are, add, and if we suck next yr, guess what we might not have to trade anything away and get even better.

if we give away as much as you want, youll set the organization back 5 yrs again. SO THIS THREAD IS DONE
I never said Pock and Liffiton won't be solid NHL'ers. They'll be good. The offer I made would not be my first offer, I know a little more than that, my offer would be the MAX I would offer, so stop with the personal attacks and a couple months ago, people were offering both our 1st's three 2nds and three or 4 prospects. I am not focusing on his play at Prague. Ovy has alot more potential than Pock or Prucha. Prucha has been way overrated by his play in Prague, and we need to take advantage of that, as they think Prucha is a top-caliber prospect, and in there minds a 1st round pick.

I didn't give up our best prospects either, and we would still have three seconds and another first, that is still alot, and Ovy DOES have franschise saving potential, unlike Kovalchuk or anyone else in the league. This trade would help the organization immensly, not set them back one bit. How old are you because you seem to nothing on any prospects in our organization.

I don't get to see these players, I read about them, that is how I base my opinions, when I am the Gm of the NYR I will be able to see the players and have my own thoughts and evaluations on them.

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