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03-19-2008, 11:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Fire Trotz View Post
I'd say about 33% ... it's gonna be tough, as long as every NW division game from here on out doesn't go to OT, there IS still a possibility ... slim one though
I can believe that. Mathematically, if all the teams were equal we would have about a 20.9% chance, but given that we have 6 games left against the "B" teams, I think we can do better.
Originally Posted by spank303 View Post
ugh. apparently sellout = loss. we just cannot come out and lay an egg in the first period and then expect to just turn it on later and get points in OT.
What did you expect? Remember that our last game was a win over Detroit.... Part of me wants us to lose badly tomorrow so we have a chance to avoid the post-Red Wing-hangover.
Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
Often times when Zidlicky fails to keep the puck in the zone, its the result of a terrible pass to him or from a terrible play around the net which results in the other team clearing the puck after Zidlicky moved inside (not his fault). He isn't the only one with which this happens, and particularly last night, this happened with all defensemen.

Teams stand us up at the blue line, forcing us to dump the puck in. We cannot use this to set the puck up, often times resulting in the other team having a great opportunity to clear the puck.

Zidlicky would have a ton more points if people could finish his passes. He has done a great job on the PP in his role. He is usually counted on to pass first and not shoot, yet people find a way to blame it on him.

Zidlicky was far from our worst defensemen on the ice last night imo.
Interesting story here. I was sitting in the bench seats for a game against Columbus in December and, no joke, one of the Columbus assistant coaches was instructing his players to push everything up Zidlicky's side and wait for him to turn the puck over. I will admit that he gets a bad rap most of the time. However, sometimes he just makes me want to kill him (see the breakaway-giveaway he had on the power play against Calgary).

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