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Icer: I must have passed up the ages on accident when I was looking through there before... have you ever participated in one of the clinics? The website says that some basic skills are needed ("The skills are roughly what you would get having played organized hockey for at least one year.") and of course I do not fit that. Any suggestions?
I've seen a wide range of talent at these clinics, from beginners who can barely skate all the way to junior and high school players. If the clinics sound too intimidating check out Hockey North America. They've got a beginner hockey school for adults. HNA Detroit plays in Melvindale. I've seen other hockey schools for adults but they are far less organized. These guys will teach you how to play even if you've never skated before.

The way the program works is you attend several classes that teach you the basics. They cover things like skating, shooting, passing, hockey stops, and skating backwards. At the end of the classroom sessions your class plays a couple of games against teams from the beginner league. At the end of the program, your class forms a team, elects a captain, and joins the beginner league the following season.

It's expensive, but I've known a couple of guys who went through the program and thought it was great.

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