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03-20-2008, 11:17 AM
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Originally Posted by waffledave View Post
I'm not saying he sucks. For ****'s sake, this place is unbelievable. I say he could benefit from time in the AHL and everyone feels the need to run to the defense of this guy.

Answer me this. Do you think Latendresse is a bonefide NHLer who is too good for the AHL?

And the top 2 lines are regularly matched up against the opposition's top 2 lines. This is how Carbo's been doing it all year.

I agree Latendresse looks good playing with Koivu. They have good chemistry together. But that doesn't mean the guy can't benefit from the AHL. You take him off this team and they likely won't skip a beat. It's not like he's NEEDED here. Why not help his development by giving him an opportunity to play a true scoring role with big icetime? After all, we're supposed to be patient with him right? Powerforwards don't develop till their 26 so we got 6 more years!

Not saying he sucks. I just don't think the NHL is benefitting him like the AHL would.
No I know you're not saying that.

However, there is the possibility that Latendresse can learn bad habits in the AHL.

Not sure if you saw the article in the paper the other day where he was saying that he's now practicing using weighted skates to improve his skating speed. Do you think he would of taken such initiative in the AHL where his lack of footspeed probably isn't as much of a detriment to him than it is in the NHL?

There's no doubt he could of benefited from playing in the AHL last year and maybe even early this year, however, it didn't happen like that. Them the breaks but I think he's handling himself quite well despite this.

What the Habs are essentially doing is speeding up his development, Lats knows he can and will scores goals in the NHL during his career, but he's also learning that he needs to round out the rest of his game to become a guy who plays 12 + years in this league, and it's more beneficial to him to round out his game in the NHL than the AHL.

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