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03-20-2008, 02:17 PM
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Originally Posted by frito View Post
Third, and this goes hand in hand with the second point, get a very low grip on your stick. Don't use your normal skating grip, or worse a golf club grip. get your lower hand way down low, just a few inches above the top of the blade. This will give you far more leverage than somebody holding their stick higher up.
I persoanlly say get low, but not that low. If you get too low, you bend over too much and wind up falling into the circle sometimes when you get caught up in the fight for the puck, and leaving a little bit of shaft is helpful when lifting the other guys stick to win the puck. The second effort matters a lot, especially if the pucks are bouncey as both of you'll most likely miss the puck and have it bounce around a little.

But watching the puck is the biggest thing, and each ref is different too so when you're on the bench, keep taking mental notes and watch for tendencies.

Also taking faceoffs is alll about cheating a little Try to move as close to the middle of the dot as possible without the ref chastising you, also try to keep your stick moving a bit. Don't go in and hold your position for like 10 seconds waiting for the puck, cause personally I find it harder to get a good jump when my arms and hands are kinda just limp waiting for the drop. I go in and keep my blade semi-tapping the ice, like I got Parkinson's Disease or something, just so I'm not at a standstill.

If plain ol' winning it fails, just go after the other guy in the circle. Do a little stick check when the puck drops or go and just lift/tie up his stick and get some help from your teammates.

I have to brag a little, as I make my living doing the little things like winning faceoffs and winning board battles I won every single faceoff, think like 14-for-14 (I lost track)during our league game last Sunday!

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