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03-20-2008, 03:40 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post

I'm not picking on you because you're saying something that I see alot. It's not a matter of taking a course then snap, we have a new player. If it was that simple, half the league would take the magical power skating course.

He can and should improve. He needs to get on the puck sooner, or at least get on the D sooner. It's up to him though. We'll see if he has it in him to improve his skating, some do , some don't.

As for who he plays with, it's up to the coach to use the players in situations to make the team win, not make particular players look better. Lats has rec'd considerably more latitude [unintentional play on words] than most players. If he isn't getting top 6 minutes, he's got trhe mirror to look into,not the coach.
oh but you see, it is that easy. Even i only took 10 powerskating lessons and became 20x the skater i was before, it's pretty obvious that Latendresse doesn't bend his knees enough and doesn't skate sharp enough during lateral movements, it changed Ribeiro and he was already a much better skater then Lats was, he also takes too big steps when he accelerates, BIG reason why he's slower then most, all that amongts other i don't know since i'm no expert, but now that he's taken off all the weight he can do anything that any other NHL player can, and when that happens his vision, his roughness and his talent will take a major boost, one day Latendresse is seriously going to explode.

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