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05-02-2004, 10:53 PM
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This is probably something we'll never agree on. As weak as the Blues are on the LW in the system, I still don't think it's a reason to stray from a BPA strategy. I'm still big on Green and I think he'll probably be the best around at the 17 spot, unless a Getlzaf-like fall happens again this year (how he went from a projected ninth all the way down to the Ducks is beyond me). I think it couldn't get any better to draft a possible boom with very little bust possibility.

A lot of people forget/just don't know that Green has a bit of a nasty streak in him as well, and has a penchant for monstrous hits (including a huge one in the CHL Prospects Game). He's got a deadly shot and is more defensively reliable than his +/- would indicate; he played major minutes and in all situations. Again, he's a 3/4 with a possibility of being a top guy. It's quite likely that by the time his NHL debut rolls around, he's got an extra inch and 20 more pounds at least.

Regarding Dubnyk, he has indeed fallen a bit, but it's not really the stats that I look at when I see him. I look at his size (6'5") and the fact that he's quite agile for his size and covers a lot of net. Granted, the WHL isn't exactly known for it's goaltending superstars, but they've had their share of NHL starters.

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