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05-02-2004, 11:42 PM
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Originally Posted by nordique
Both were true. If the Flyers had just had one of those days when everything clicks and the Leafs had still played well, it would have been different. But, I mean, McCabe gives Recchi a short breakaway, then Leetch makes a dumb cross-ice pass that leads to a 3-on-2, then the puck bounces on McCabe and gives Primeau a breakaway...the Leafs were atrocious, and Philadelphia finished their chances extremely well (as opposed to the Senators).

I mean, Toronto at one point had 8 shots on goal ("officially", anyway, as I watched slapshots being turned aside by Burke not register, but that's neither here nor there) and Philly had 6 goals.

I have no problem with the Leafs when they play well and lose to a team that beats them by playing better. That's gonna happen on lots of nights, two good teams and only one can win. But tonight the Leafs had nothing. That's happened too often in the Quinn era and could result in the end of it if he doesn't have the Leafs geared up. Not just for Game 6, which should be easy after being embarrassed, but if they go to Game 7 and roll over again, get him out and bring in someone like Joel Quenneville (a former Leaf) who can light a fire under their *****.

Philadelphia has as much talent on their lines 1 through 4 as any team in the NHL. Roenick, Recchi, Primeau, Amonte, Handzus, Leclair, Kapanen, Zhamnov, Radivojevic, Sharp, Somik...even Brashear (though I think the idea that Flyers fans adore Brashear while ragging on Domi non-stop is the pot calling the kettle black, no pun intended) and their weakness has always been their lack of a shutdown defence and a money goalie. If Esche keeps this up, they may not even need the shutdown D - they have balance 1 through 6 and sometimes that's more important than having a great #1 pairing and weak #3 pairing like my Leafs do (though the #1 pairing tonight was abysmal led by McCabe).

Good luck in Game 6 and hopefully we'll see you at Wachovia on Thursday night.
The Flyers also created allot of things as well. The better team won. plain and simple. The Flyers turned the puck over countless times up in Toronto that lead to countless scoring chances and ultimilty some key goals.
That being said if the Flyers play like they did today on Tuesday, this series is over. There is no way Toronto wins if the Flyers play like thet did today

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