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03-21-2008, 03:55 AM
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I just don't know what to say. How do we keep making the same mistakes over and over and over all year long?

It's like they don't know what to do out there. Or they are trying so hard not to make a mistake and think too much out there and end up making bigger mistakes.

We practically had the first period handed to us with 2 1/2 PPs (that Bonk goalie Int was crap, he never touched Hasek) right away and we barely even were in the zone more than 10 seconds, never mind even getting near to getting a shot or even establishing some momentum. We had those PP's and we were being outshot 8-2! We got the game tied after killing the 5on3 and we had all the momentum. Then a RW player hits Erat at the blueline and they completely took over. That hit woke them up and they took back control of the game and scored about a minute later on another bad goal.

It pissed me off to see Dumont go out of his way to avoid being hit. I don't know whether it was the second or third period (I think 2nd) but it was down in the corner on the Detroit bench side. Instead of taking the hit to make a play, he jumps to avoid the hit and leaves the puck for the RW to just come in and take it away.

I liked seeing Arnott get mad and really go after that guy. He bowled over everyone and was trying to get passed the officials to get to whoever that was. I would have liked to see Mason and Hasek go. I don't think they really wanted to go but it would have been fun to see.

Finally Radulov gets a goal. See what happens when you just throw the puck at the net instead of always looking for a pass.

Great PPG by Erat. Sometimes I wonder how he even has 23 goals this year. He gets on my nerves by skating around the zone only to get the puck knocked away from him.

Our goalies are just bad. I don't understand what happened to Mason between last year and this year. Actually, after the first 2 games of the season I don't know where it went. He just lost it somewhere between Nashville and St. Louis. I just feel bad for Mason. He is such a nice guy and has done so much for the team and was the first to step up and buy tickets to keep the team here. And Ellis is crapping out now, too. I know it doesn't help when none of the dmen will clear bodies out but damn, those soft goals are just bad mistakes that end up costing us in the end. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise that we don't make the PO's. The way the goalies are playing it will be that one bad/soft goal that ends up getting us swept in the first round.

Oh let's see it's March so you know what that means. March Madness! Or in our case, March Meltdown. EVERY ****ING YEAR WE DESTRUCT IN MARCH. It is by far, the worst that we play in an entire season. 13 gms below .500. Only April has the other losing record at 16-21-0-2.
98-99: 5-8-1
99-00: 6-7-1-2
00-01: 7-5-1-1
01-02: 2-10-3-0
02-03: 2-8-4-2
03-04: 4-5-4-2
05-06: 8-5-0-2
06-07: 6-5-0-3
Total: 40-53-14-12
07-08: 4-6-0-0

It is unbelievable what is happening in the standings. Really we should be about 8-10 points out of 8th place. But every night it seems we are getting help from someone and we are staying right there. If we had beat LA and gained a few points somewhere else we would be right in 8th place or a point out. Hell, if we had won any 3 or just got a couple of OTL's in those combined 11 games during those big losing streaks (0-6, 0-5) we could be in 6th place right now. Again tonight, Colorado and Edmonton lost in regulation to keep us at 4 points out and no one catching us. Colorado has lost 3 in a row leaving the door open just begging us to come in and take the spot. But what do we do? Lose 4 of 5 and gain no ground. That spot was/is there for the taking. We had/have the breaks but we just refuse to cash in on them.

And until they prove me wrong, sellouts = loss. Chicago, Dallas, LA, Washington, Detroit. This is rediculous. It's now been since 2002 that we lost 6 at home. We were one of the best at home this year trailing only Detroit and/or Dallas but now we can't get anything going. We haven't won at home since Feb. 19. FEBRUARY 19!! And we haven't won on Thursday since JANUARY 31!

It's easy to blame the coaches or goalies but this is a collective losing effort. The dmen make the same mistakes leaving the wrong guy or taking a bad angle. The forwards forget how to shoot and think the net is behind them or off to the side. The PP doesn't work well, the PK is decent but lately slipping. The goalies just suck right now. The coaches and leaders aren't getting them fired up for the games (though if they really need someone else to pump them up at this point then I question how much they really want it). The coaches can say everything, bag skate them, coddle them, call them out in the paper, rip down doors, and the players can have their players-only meetings, but the players still have to perform on the ice and they aren't doing it well enough. We just can't get the big save when we really need it and we just can't score that one goal when we really need it.

Like I said, it's ridiculous that we are still only 4 points out but after tonight I really feel like this is it. I would still love for them to make it, but I just don't see it anymore.

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