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05-03-2004, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by StorminZ
Watch the video ... how can you tell me he was going for his shins and ends up clobbering the guy in the face?

Obviously we have a different view on what is tolerable in hockey and what isn't. Frankly, fighting is one thing ... 2 guys going face to face ... clobbering a guy over the head with a stick (let alone when the other guy has no chance of defending himself) is entirely different ... and I am only suggesting a ban for a year, not a lifetime.

Look at the video ... Perez started his swing before he knew where Stafford was positioned ... how can anyone say he was swinging at Stafford's shins ... swinging at Stafford is about as close as anyone can say what Perez was aiming at.

Ah, yes, the individual has no accountability for his actions ... it's seemingly always another persons fault ... my parents for my up bringing ... the other guy for doing something he ought not to have (and I agree, Stafford isn't totally blamefree here) ... the ref for not doing his job (or the ref for calling too many penalties) ... speaking of "job", when did it become a hockey players job to perform a hatchet job on another player?

Defend myself face to face is one thing ... retaliating the way Perez did is inexcusable! It had nothing to do with defense ... it was an act of retaliation.

Shooting back is not logic ... that is an emotional reaction sayeth Mr. Spock.
While I am not defending Perezhogin and agree that some penalty should be taken against him (maybe a 20 game + this years playoffs suspension from AHL only), I don't like your logic at all. All of your points take into account only one side of the apple, making them just as bad as those you're trying to correct.

And as for your question about how we know Perezhogin wasn't aiming for the head? This picture, linked to earlier, says it all:

When Perezhogin began his swing (and I'm not defending the fact that he did swing, because it was clearly a stupid, emotional response), there was no chance he could hit Stafford in the face. In this pic, Perezhogin has begun his swinging motion in retaliation for Stafford's attempted slash and it is impossible for him to stop. As much as I don't lay blame on Stafford, had he gotten up differently, we would be talking about maybe a 5 minute major for slashing, and that would be the end of it - if even that much.

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