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05-03-2004, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by borro
I have a point to make here. If you say the Sens don't need Zubrus and won't overpay, isn't it reasonable to think the Caps desire to keep Zubrus gains him extra value? Zubrus is better than Isbister (imho) who people assign a large value to. If the Caps wanted to deal him, his value would be similar to Isbister. Since they may want a Semin Ovechkin Zubrus line, his value goes higher. The Caps need young NHL ready or near NHL ready dmen. Preferably aggressive ones. I could see a Zubie packaged with a #1 for say Phaneuf. I dont think Calgary would go for that.

It doesnt seem like the Sens are a good trade match for us. The Pens on the other hand might be. Ryan Whitney or Orpik for Zubrus and something might work. The Caps need dmen. Other teams would be better trading partners.
You raise some good points about Zubrus's value to the Caps. However, if it's true (and I don't know this) that the Cap's value Zubrus, why are Cap's fans trying to trade him? I didn't see any Sen's fans posting that Zubrus is the player that will push them over the top. Seems like Zubrus's value is bootstrap levitation to me by certain delusional posters.

I just haven't seen anything from DZ over the last 5 years that would lead me to believe that he has "elite" value, which is what it would take to start talking about Phaneauf. DZ is a very nice player - with potential for more. But I don't think that there is a GM that would overpay to land DZ because he has not produced enough to warrant it, and he's experienced enough that a break-out is unlikely.

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