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03-21-2008, 05:27 PM
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How are the rinks doing?

Anyone got any ice left? I can't believe I had good ice in the last week but I times... because of the recent cold spell. But the sun is a real killer right now even when it stays below zero (celsius) through the day. I lose less ice if it goes +6 but stays overcast. A cold night can make up for it.

I imagine out west, Canada and northern states, it is still OK. I'm in Nova Scotia (close to 45th parallel), inland just far enough to avoid some of the local coastal warming effect, but not all of it.

Some of the tarp is exposed, elsewhere I have up to 3" ice over a couple of inches of water (4" to 5" of "unlevelness" over an 18' X36' rink). Nothing I could skate on but one or two 70 pound kids are OK if they avoid certain parts. I'm taking another kick at the cat tonight if it gets cold enough to water lightly a few times. Half, it's a challenge just to hang onto the ice and half my 9 year old wants to skate.

Anyone else still got ice?

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