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05-03-2004, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Frenzy1
I agree that when you look at the picture, Perezhogin is starting a two handed, full swing that will not wind up hitting Stafford in the face. However, he is, by that picture, aiming at the back of Stafford's head (which if you know anatomy, the potential for damage is drastically increased).

I think the NHL needs to crack down on the stick play, and they can send a message here.

Perezhogin, IMO, is clearly intending to injure Stafford. What leads me to belief this is Stafford is down when Pere begins his swing. Also, it is a full swing, not a little bunt type, but a full fledged shot w/ two hands. Like he is trying to hit a base ball.

Further, Stafford does take a wild Swing, one handed, over Perezhogin, which missed but sure pissed him off even more. And finally, Perez, was dumped in front by Stafford in the beginning of the play and Perez then takes Stafford down by his legs.

I have no doubt that Stafford played a part in earning the slash (at least in the heat of the moment). However, Perezhogin needs to face some kind of massive suspension. I think it is imperative to send a message to players at a young age, that stick swinging will not be acceptable, at any level. Training a child not to swing his stick, will usually result in an adult who wont.
As bad as it sounds, Staford reaped what he sowed, had he not went after Perezhogin's head first, a fact that has been overlooked by the media, Perezhogin would of never swung at his head, BOTH players should be suspended for the same amount of time, the only difference is that Perezhogin landed his attempt to injure and Stafford, did not....both players handled their sticks reckelessly and both should be suspended for the rest of the playoffs and 15 games into the next season...but this is no worse than the Bertuzzi/McSorley incidents, the difference there is the pre-meditation, Perezhogin and Stafford incidents are heat of the moment actions, or as like Americans like to say, "crimes of passion".

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