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05-03-2004, 01:52 PM
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From a Kings standpoint, they could sign either Murray or Rolston, the problems are:

1. Do they let Allison walk completely? Fact remains whether or not Allison is healthy or as some say "faking it". Personally, I think they will sign Allison to a two way contract, which can be done through a CBA loophole. Now if they let him walk, then Rolston is an ample substitute.

2. Price? Granted, the Kings will probably let Modry ($900,000), Stumpel ($2 million), Deadmarsh ($3million), and Carter or Robitalle ($1.5 million) walk, BUT that doesn't mean they will spend it. Rolston and Murray will both command upwards of $5million on the open market and LA has a much more pressing need to fill...SIGN PALFFY.

I wouldn't mind signing Rolston and asking him to play the wing on a healthy Allison line. They were teammates in Boston (I don't think they played on the same line). Murray, I believe was in Andy Murray's doghouse many a time, so I don't think they would go after him, however, LA and Boston seem to just shuttle players back in forth ala Stumpel.

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