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05-03-2004, 03:36 PM
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Originally Posted by HighlyRegardedRookie
The main board has a list of our top 20 prospects, but it's kind of out of date. I'll volunteer a re-do.

1. Fedor Tjutin, D
2. Hugh Jessiman, RW
3. Garth Murray, C
4. Tomas Pock, D
5. Henrik Lundqvist, G
6. Jozef Balej, RW
7. Ivan Baranka, D
8. Petr Prucha, C
9. Maxim Kondratiev, D
10 Jarkko Immonen, F
11. Jake Taylor, D
12. Dominic Moore, C
13. Bryce Lampman, D
14. Blair Betts, C
15. Jason Labarbera, G
16. Alexander Giroux, LW
17. Nigel Dawes, LW
18. Lee Falardeau, C
19. Marcus Jonasen, LW
20. Juris Stals, C

Rankings compiled rather quickly, using a combination of "upside" and closeness to the NHL.
Not entirely clear on what kind of weighting your doing here (which matters more, readyness for the NHL or upside?) but I'd say the following, regardless:

1) Murray, down at least 5-7 spots. He's fast, reasonably sized, and loves the rough stuff. But in two years in Hartford he's displayed negligible offensive skills and a tendency to pick up nagging injuries. He was once touted as a possible 2nd line PF prospect. While I'm nearly positive he'll find at least home in the NHL as a 4th liner agitator, at this stage I'd be impressed if he ever develops into a full-time 3rd line player. But at this stage, he's still 2nd banana to Dan LaCouture.

2) Jake Taylor way down. Other than a few posters here at HF (and one sentence from JD) I've never heard anything particularly exciting about this kid. Based on tools and draft position, I'd probably put Potter ahead of him. All Taylor's got is more size, fighting, and less skating, hockey sense, and offense. He and Martin Grenier sound like the Rangers 'Goons of the Future'. Which is nice an all. But Goon prospects aren't guys I'd really put in the top 20.

3) Lee Falardeau is probably all the way out of the top 20.

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