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03-22-2008, 03:18 PM
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Comfortable on skates...

Well I've decided to get back into ice hockey, and bought a set of skates (Nike Bauer XIX). They fit absolutely perfect, Dan from the Chelsea Piers Pro Shop really took care of me and gave me a good price on the skates (Thanks again Dan). I'm 19, haven't really ice skated (Outside maybe 3-4 times recreationally with rented skates, never with fitted hockey skates) since I was about 6-7, or the last time I played hockey.
Are there any drills/things I can focus on to help me get more comfortable on my skates? I still need to get used to the edges of the skates, and I need to build ankle strength, so anything will help. My transitional skating BLOWS, basically non existent at this point. (forward to back, back to forward, STOPPING) You can see people that skate like it's second nature, maybe one day I'll get that good. But for now I'm looking to get my skating up to par so I can play in a league or even just pickup games. Any pointers? I'm willing to put the time in, because in the end, I have to skate to get better, but maybe I can be pointed in the right direction.

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