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05-03-2004, 07:31 PM
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Okay, I'm going to try to do this without resorting to acting like a child

Originally Posted by jay 'n skeeta
ummmmm.. let me think........ YES it was , also why do u care nothing was posted at u so mind ya biz and stop trying to be mr peaceful ok ghandi , thank you... ilses suck go home fish sticks

For the most part, this Ranger board does not have the reputation of being a collection of trolls. When some of the more cordial IceHole fans, such as CREW, Trottier and Joe 303, venture over to this board, we have our differneces, but we talk about hockey as hockey fans. the trolls get their just desserts. And, while I may not speak for everybody, for the most part, the more consistent posters who have been around for a long time - TB, Davisian, Laches, MJ, SBOB, PLD, Fletch, BR and klingsor, just to name the countless posters that I have posted with for close to six years now - do not mind engaging in healthy debate with them. If you choose to act childishly, that is your choice. Understand that not every Ranger fan will come running to your beckon call if you persist in childish drivel. As for being Mr. Peaceful, understand I have never had any problem slamming trolls when it is justifed, including Ranger fans.

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