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CSN used a very good way to develope the skill. The body mechanics are much the same as for the out player so why not start there and slowly transfer that to the goal equipment. It might take a bit longer but it sure seems like it would remove a lot of the frustration.

There are basically two conventions of thought on stick play methods. One normal and the other with an inverted glove hand(turco). you can search out more using the term "Marty Turco Goalie Playing the Puck.mpg" . I know there was a good topic on this at agoalie specfic forum back around 2006 . Turco Shooting style might be a key search term to find the archive.

Below is a link to a video that about the 7 minute mark in shows some shooting works that might help you. the one thing I do not like about the demo goalies method is a lack of getting the full power into the shot. By staying on both feet rather than getting a full plant on the inside foot and lifting the outside, he loses power. Of course, if full power isnt needed then neither is the leg lift. Note how the shot starts with the puck at the heel of the blade, blade face turned upward partially into the shot to get the puck rolling up onto the blade. The top hand wrist turn/ snap and follow through are also very important In any case the co-ordination video as a whole will help you bring your play up.

Edit: video is decent enough res to use full screen mode in windows media player.

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