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03-23-2008, 08:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Crosbyfan View Post
Thanks Sniper!

How does Sport Court compare to smooth concrete? Do you stop as often as you would on ice?
Sport court has one huge advantage over the smoothest of concretes - it treats your wheels a lot better. I used to play hockey outdoors at the park with my friends on basketball courts, which is fairly smooth concrete, and my wheels would be shredded like the previous poster's wheels within just a few sessions. Sport court provides something close to the smoothness of ice, allowing you to do power slides and hard stops without little chunks of rubber (usually) falling off of your wheels.

EDIT: You can by little 4' x 2' strips of sport court from a lot of hockey suppliers. I personally own one that I take to the park and shoot pucks off of with my good stick to keep it from scratching up the lie of the blade.

Originally Posted by deangamblin View Post
call me stupid but on rollerblades and dooing the stop same way as doing it on the ice.. is doable? haha ive tried failed. i prefer ice.
It looks the same, though I personally use slightly different techniques.

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