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05-04-2004, 01:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Guy LaFleur
Except that his low GAA shows that, despite his four-plus goal games, he's been incredibly consistent.
I don't see it.

Originally Posted by Guy LaFleur
A lot of those four-goal games resulted in defensive breakdowns, which unfortunately happen a lot with our team. For instance, following the 4-0 loss to Ottawa at the start of the year, he was superb. Yes, he has went through streaks in which he's been... let's just say, un-Theodore-like... But every young goalie has his inconsistency. Especially on a young and otherwise very mediocre team in the back end. But when he is consistent, which he is 80% of the time, he's easily a top-five goalie, if not top-three. The only one that's constantly better than him is Luongo.

I mean, I'd consider Marc Denis a future "great one" and will likely be HoF-bound, but he's inconsistent at times. Sure, he's on Columbus, but eh...

But I digress. Theodore's inconsistent, yes, but in time he'll be consistent and he'll be leading teams to the Cup for years to come, ala St. Patty. I wouldn't put him on the same level as Roy now, but I'm just comparing their impact on the teams.

i.e. Last season when Theodore did poorly, the Habs missed the playoffs. Yes, he had a great second half, but the first half was murder for him (When Jeff Hackett is out-playing you... there's nothing else to call it than murder). This season (like in 01-02) he was great (or Theodore-like, if you will). What happened? Habs made the playoffs. Will he be a great playoff goalie? Yes, and anyone would be foolish to say otherwise. Will he be consistent? You better believe it.

Guys, let's not forget he's only 25. He's only been starting for us for... what, four years now? He's still trying to find his identity. At times, it's God. Simply put. At other times, it's Jim Carey. But in time, he'll always be God.
Theodore is 27 and will soon be 28.

Besides I just don't agree that the habs have got such a weak blue line. Bowman himself said we had one of the best blueline in the eastern conference. Souray played a Norris-like first half of a season and the rest of the D corps took on from there to offer a pretty good performance while playing within a good system. A MUCH MUCH better one than what we had back in 01-02 and 02-03.

I really believe that the habs team that Gainey put up in 03-04 is not even comparable to the one we had back in 02-03 and 01-02. And Theodore stats aren't that improved from his aweful season in 02-03 (during which he still won the Molson Cup despite Koivu's 71 pts season ). You really think he was that good this season ?

Sure we made the playoffs this season. And Theodore being better than he was last season is a big part of that but it's not an argument in itself. The only thing it proves is that you can't make the playoffs with an average team if you have goalie playing like Theodore did in 02-03.

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