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Originally Posted by Sasha View Post
Oh, and on a related question...the classes are:

A1 Adult Pre-Alpha 1
A2 Adult Pre-Alpha 2
A3 Adult Alpha
A4 Adult Beta
A5 Adult Gamma
A6 Adult Delta
A7 Adult Freestyle 1 on LTS ice
A8 Adult Freestyle 2 on LTS ice

and there's also Power Ice

Are this standard names for skating levels or is it specific to this rink? What is LTS ice? What does ISI Freestyle 6 mean?

I'm getting ahead of myself, I should probably first learn hot to put on the skates haha, but I'm excited and making all sorts of scenarios in my head (and of course in all I am a prodigious student who looks like a professional figure skater on the ice, rather than dumb and clumsy like i will actually look).
ISI is one of the two organizations for figure skating in the US. Most rinks use either the ISI learn-to-skate program or the US Figure Skating Basic Skills program. In either one, as you learn new skills, your instructors will test you on them, and as you master certain skills you'll move up from one level to the next. Pre-Alpha I is where you would start.

I competed in figure skating in the NoVa area a few times... there's a very nice rink in Ashburn, and one in Reston that I know of. Most young adults can put skates on and get around by themselves, but if you're interested in learning figure skating skills you're better off taking lessons. is a board kind of like this one but for figure skating; you'll find a very nice group of adult skaters there who can help you out. I know at least a couple of them are from your area too.

Other advice: if you don't have skates, use the rental skates a few times until you're sure you're going to stick with it, and then ask your instructor where you should go to buy skates. You'll want to make sure you get a good-quality pair, and more importantly that they fit you right. Most coaches have one or two skate places they recommend.

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