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03-24-2008, 07:49 PM
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I started playing hockey at 23 and I would do anything to have started playing when I was 14years (that was when I wanted to but parents and money wouldn't allow it).
So at that time I did a couple years 'learn-to-skate' which branched into figure skating which I had no interest in. I stopped for about 7 years then finally was able to live my dream and play hockey!

I found I didn't pick things up as fast, but at the same time, I was pretty determined and now after almost 2 years I'm a far better skater from hockey than I ever was learning to figure skate in a skate school. I'm far from being a great skater, and it still doesn't flow naturally like it does to others who started young, but I hold my own against the others in a rec league.

So definitely start. Even though you don't like rollerblades (I don't either and I never use them) it would be a good idea to at least start with them so you can practise unless you can hit the ice quite frequently.
Find an area to go into, it doesn't have to be hockey, but if you love doing what you're doing, you'll learn a lot faster!!

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