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05-04-2004, 10:06 AM
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Fire all refs for not doing their jobs, players are getting hurt out there!

The more refs refuse to call the rules that are explained very clearly in their book the more players are intentionally trying to injure opponents on the ice, they intentionally alter the games outcome by allowing players to grab, hook, SLASH, cross check, HIT FROM BEHIND, elbow, trip, take the feet out, latch on etc. etc. etc. etc. Fans are booing at games for good reason. The refs are using descretion and their own interpretation of the rules which are 2 no-no's. Fans, players, coaches no longer know what a penalty is or which infractions will be called. Refs are more likely to call a penalty on the team with the lead, more likely not to call a penalty if they just gave a team one, put their whistles away in the 3rd and OT. Remember Ref in Chief and Gary Bettman "PENALTIES WILL BE CALLED ON EVERY INFRACTION NO MATTER WHEN IT OCCURS DURING THE GAME". BULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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