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05-04-2004, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Jean_Jacket41
What does McLaren have to do with the stupid and dangerous hit by Perez?
What have in common the Bertuzzi-McSorley and Perezhogin incident? They all have given a VERY cheapshot and dangerous hit to an opponent who DIDN'T have the puck unlike the hit on Zednik by McLaren. Keep the oranges with the oranges. If you want to compare the Perez incident, talk about McSorley or Bertuzzi, not McLaren...
I second that, Jean. While the result of wasn't pretty after the McLaren hit on Zednik, it doesn't belong in the same conversation as the McSorley, Bertuzzi, and now Perez incidents.

Elbows happen pretty often.... sometimes even by accident. Hatcher got away with a nice one last night.

However, the three incidents we're referring to - McSorley/Bertuzzi/Perez - are not common at all... not should we ever get used to them

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