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05-04-2004, 01:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Lewis63
I hope they sign Lambert because it sounds like he could be a good player.

Now for Deveaux, I don't know much about him except his size (listed at 6'4 and 220 lbs) and that he has a right shot. The habs are small down the middle and except for Dowd, all our centers are lefties. But what's his style of play? Did he see powerplay time in junior? What about PK? What was his role on his team? Did he improve his skating since being drafted? Does he like the rough stuff or stays clair of it?

All these questions seem important to me before we sign a young player. Of course he could be signed just to get a player for hamilton...

Lambert could be a good player. A big test for him will be the AHL, as I think his game is good for the Q, but we'll have to see if he is willing to get his nose dirty so to speak, as he may have trouble in the corners if he doesn't work hard. It's tough to say cause last year he really disappointed, but this year was a true breakout year for him. I hope he's signed, he's got a wicked shot.

Deveaux is a tough call. He did see PP and PK time from what I know, as he was the go to go for important face-offs in Owen Sound. He played 2nd and 3rd line center from what I know of, on one of the better teams in the OHL and one of the better teams Owend Sound has had in some time. His skating is ok, but from what I've seen he has to keep his feet moving. I don't know if he is just a bit lazy at times, but some shifts he is hard to find on the ice even though he's one of the biggest players in the league. Yes he will mix it up. Deveaux has gotten kicked out of a number of games for fighting, but I really can't say how good of a fighter he is. I do remember one game he and Andrew Archer got kicked out of the game for fighting each other, I would have liked to see that one!

Deveaux to me shows some good things offensively, as his hands are decent, he's got size, and while he needs to be more physical hitting players, I would hope he gets a shot, who knows what he may do in a few years. But after a strong start to the season, he tailed off from what I'm told and has had trouble in his own end and struggles with consistency which is comon for big players.

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