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05-04-2004, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by montreal
Well Gainey didn't have much to do with the draft. He came on board too late, as Savard/Timmins worked on the draft all year long. Also while Urquhart and Lapierre are tall, they are both skinny. Add Locke, Flood and Stewart to the same draft and it seems more even.
Also last year they took Linhart 6'2, Ferland 6'2, Deveaux 6'4, Lambert 6'2, so size and Gainey aren't really factors imo.
These days, size is almost becoming like a bonus, not necessarily the thing you look for specifically, which is a nice change from the past decade. Ability and character are the keys. I think character is a big key for Gainey, and I think character is what we need more than anything else on our team and in our system. So I expect that even with Savard/Gauthier/Timmins running the draft, Gainey will (or more likely has already) told them something about the value he would place on character attributes for this draft.

Size for size's sake is dangerous, but I'm sure the scouts recognise we might have a bit of a systematic deficiency in that area. The thing I hate about trying to be an armchair scout however is that no matter what I think about a player, I invariably know next to nothing about his character, and that would be a deciding factor in choosing him. I have Mike Green above the Franssons and Hedmans of the world solely on the tenuous assumption that reports of his character are well-founded, and that I know just about nothing of Fransson and Hedman in that respect.

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