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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Ok Habitant, let's compare. I will, within the next couple of days, try to find out, how many stick are sold to left shooters compared to right shooters. I'm pretty sure a stick manufacture will have these figures on this.

I would guess to say, that more Canadien's shoot left and more American's shoot right. I will check this out and get back with you.

Head coach
There was a recent thread on this forum that listed some sales figures for both. Far more lefty sticks are sold in Canada, and for more right sticks are sold in the US, as I recall. In the same thread I believe someone posted a link to an article that theorized that a lot of it is to do with when you first start playing. It basically said that if you start when you are very young (which is far more likely to happen in Canada), you will also be more inclined to put your dominant hand on top, because you need the strength to do so. If you pick don't pick up a hockey stick until later in life, and after you've already played baseball or golf -- which is the case for most Americans -- you're more likely to put your dominant hand on the bottom.

I don't know if that's true, but if it is it would add support to the idea that it's probably worthwhile to change a youth player to the "right" way, but it may not be worthwhile to try to change an adult player.

edit: I should really try to find that thread.

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