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03-25-2008, 10:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Trepanated View Post
There was a recent thread on this forum that listed some sales figures for both. Far more lefty sticks are sold in Canada, and for more right sticks are sold in the US, as I recall.
Here's what I think. For what it's worth....

We can go around and around all night about the mechanics and how one can use leverage to one's advantage. But it would probably bore you to tears.

Canadien's have been playing the game just a little longer then the American's have and when an American family takes their 5 years old in the store to get him a stick, they generally see some teenager at the counter who says..."which way do you bat?"

Where as Canadien's know that the "writing" hand goes at the top. This is why more Canadien's shoot left. The majority of the population writes with their right hand.

Yes, I know that I am speaking in absolute, and yes, it just an opinion, but why so may left shooters?

I'm just sorry to say...I think the Canadien's got it right!

Head Coach

PS: For me, I just one coach, trying to correct the parent at a time!

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