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05-04-2004, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by NordiquesFan
What's those "french media" you're talking about?
Last time I checked they're not all the same and they don't talk about the same thing all the time. Stop the generalization of media on this board please.

On-topic: No. Like it was mentionned, you win and you lose with your best players. Playing Garon would have been a mistake.

Ok, so since I read the same argument twice, I would like to know WHY Theodore started game no.4 (after ending game no.3) VS New Jersey Devils in round one (96-97) after we lost (and were dominated like against TB but not Boston) the three first games?!?!?!? Thibault had been playing all season long and suddenly our third goalie was starting the game... (don't know why Jablonsky wasn't there).

Coach wanted to see what Theodore could do in that situation, and he was playing great although losing game 5.... but at that time, he wasn't "our best player"..... and someone for once didn't use this no brainer sentence and try someone else in goals just to see how he would respond....

I think it was Garon's turn to show the league, altough maybe in only one or two games, what he could do in the playoffs.

By the way, when your girlfirend's father and your own family are facing justice, you may not be at 100% mentaly.... in that circonstances, I don't think anyway Theodore was "our best player".............

(PS: concerning the media.... I was talking about the ones most listened by the mass even if I find really useless commentaries from Ron Fournier, Perron and Bergeron)...)

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