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Originally Posted by Headcoach View Post
Ok Habitant, let's compare. I will, within the next couple of days, try to find out, how many stick are sold to left shooters compared to right shooters. I'm pretty sure a stick manufacture will have these figures on this.

I would guess to say, that more Canadien's shoot left and more American's shoot right. I will check this out and get back with you.

Head coach
Why compare? Am I disputing the fact that, say, 80% of right handed shooters should shoot left? Not at all. I'm right handed. I shoot left. My first born is right handed. He shoots left. My youngest is also right handed, but guess what, he shoots right. Do you think he lacked the opportunity to try a left handed stick?

I realize this is only one kid but guess what? There are a far greater percentage of right handed shooters in Canada than the percentage of left handed kids.

Give a kid a straight stick. Take a broom and give it to a kid. This is a much better test of the way he should shoot.

No doubt you are correct that a lot of right handed kids are pushed toward shooting right by uninformed individuals but your "writing hand at the top of the stick" being correct for all individuals is just plain wrong.

Call it my opinion if you like but I have done this with 100's of kids, having no preconceived notion of which way they should shoot, and almost all of them had a definite preference-most being "writing hand at the top of the stick" as you propose, but nowhere near enough to make it a hard fast rule.

They should hold a stick the way it feels most natural to them.

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