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05-04-2004, 05:57 PM
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Originally Posted by Splatman Phanutier
Oh come off it

It was about styles of play and the trap. Indirectly, it was pretty clear what you were implying.

And I was one of a "fair number of fans" that wasn't exactly overly excited at the thought of a Wild-Devils series - and even 2 Devils friends said likewise.

You decided to bring up something a year old, I think its fair to bring up something a couple weeks old.
Must not have been that clear because didn't pick up on the point directed your way. If something's boring, I don't watch it. But, I watched 5 of the 6 Flames-Wings games. If I thought the series was going to be boring, I would have come out and said so. Just because you're not enjoying the dig I took at your comments from last year does not excuse the wild interpretations you're getting from a word. I don't find hockey games boring, especially playoff games; hence, you won't find me implying or saying that a game's going to be boring like you've done. I have had a nice chuckle thanks to you though.

Originally Posted by Evilo
I suggest everyone calms down before I send a dozen of warnings.
Totally unnecessary comment. Message board comments don't upset me and I don't need to read your commentary that suggests otherwise. Worry about France making it out of the group stage of Euro '04.

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