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05-04-2004, 07:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
One word for this thread: Ignorance.
I dont think thats the right word.

Officiating is terrible. Its not all the refs fault. The NHL doesnt really care about craking down on obstruction on the puck carrier. Its poor officiating that should be blamed on the league.

Refs are trained to be terrible. Calling penalties based on the flow of the game is just plain dumb, and actually does more to hurt the flow of the game. I really hate when refs or some mullet (read Melrose) says he doesnt want a game being decided by a peanlty call. Hey mullet not calling the penalty is having a more negative effect on the game.

Its the same crap year after year. Ive never seen another league that wants its star players to be hooked and held and kept from doing what they do.

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