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05-04-2004, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Van
Complaining about officiating has never been as much of an epidemic as it is today, yet how the game is officiated really hasn't changed much at all as the complaining got worse, and I will tell you why...The Instant Replay.

Now that fans watching on TV, and even at the games, have access to instant replays at numerous angles, they have used that as an excuse to blame bad officiating for whatever goes wrong for their team during a game. Back when there were no replays, and even when replays were shown at a minimum, people did complain about officiating, but it was just for the sake of complaining about officiating. It was never "he cost us the game, he should be fired", it was simply "he missed the call, life goes on".

These days, the so-called die hard fans have turned into conspiracy theorists. Every time they lose, the referees had something to do with it, and most of the wins are in spite of the officiating. It makes me laugh that some fans actually believe that some referees are biased against their team.

The instant replay has magnified the missed call and the fans have used that to label the NHL's officiating as the worst in pro sports.

For example: Fans at the game in the Saddledome last night had no idea why Lombardi was hurt...until a replay was shown of Hatcher elbowing him in the head. Once that replay was shown, it was all of a sudden the referees' fault.
why are they calling less powerplays? are the players playing clean all of a sudden?

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