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Originally Posted by MW View Post
There's nothing wrong with intramurals or club hockey, and nobody is saying not to go and work on skating and be as good as possible. But, like, yes it's good to have goals, but it's also good to have realistic goals.
Realistic is the same as Beauty. Its in the eye of the behold. What may seem unrealistic to you may be very realistic for another. I also believe that goals set should be attainable. This is why I suggested setting smaller goals to achieve as one takes the path to the final goal. Posters were real quick to make assumptions about the OP. Its kills me how fast some are to shoot a person down and seem to actually ENJOY doing so. Its also true that if you listen to naysayers you will go NO WHERE. Losers hold you back, knock you down. Winners will encourage you, help lift you up.

Harv and MW, You guys quantified you doubtful position which was commendable. Some weren't/aren't quite so kind hearted. In all actuality I prob should have just bit my tongue and just kept that out of my post. Sorry for that....I really need to just use the block list rather than snipe.

To answer the OP's question it would prob be a good idea to try and contact Elizabeth or James Quick or any other member of the recreation committe or the BV minor hcokey association. They would prob be able to point you in the right direction for a program suited for you.

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