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03-26-2008, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by SLake View Post
[RANT] Sorry, don't mean to be a messageboard or spelling Nazi, but...THERE IS NO "H" IN "RINNE".

I've seen that far too many times for my liking and simply for the health of my computer and my mental sanity, I politely ask everyone to stop adding an extra letter to his name! It's not that hard!!! Is it??? [/RANT]
braindead =

Pick a response:

1. Fair enough although Thomas Jefferson said its a boring mind that can only think of one way to spell a word. Or was it Tomas Jefferson? I can't recall.

2. You would think that with a name like braindead I'd get a pass on spelling.

3. I couldn't even spell Vocoun/Vokoun/Vockoun correctly after 7 years....

4. We finally get Mason and Ellis as our goalies-- one can't stop a shot and one melts faster than Frosty/Frostie-- this isn't fair.

5. Let him win a game for us this season- THEN I'll spell his name correctly.

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