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03-27-2008, 04:58 PM
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Originally Posted by braindead View Post
Which raises several questions, hopefully someone could answer:

Why would Korn describe a mechanical issue as being snakebit? He's clearly treats goaltending as a science and I believe is excellent at it. He knows there is a problem, right?

What is the mechanical issue on the 5 hole? I'm far from an expert but it seems like he has a hitch in his motion to both drop to the ice and close the legs-- or to be more precise, it seems like he has divided the two into distinct steps, so he drops then closes whereas other goalies seem to be closing as they drop. It also seems like he doesn't get his lower legs (below the knees) positioned correctly so if the puck gets into there it often bounces around and through. Or is it just slow reaction time? Something else?

Any insights appreciated.
mason's failings haven't been mechanical, they've been reaction time.. like many players that struggle, it becomes a confidence issue, and instead of reading and reacting, he's reading, thinking and then reacting, which results in that fatal half-second delay of butterflying or staying up as the shot is taken..

which is exactly why he's getting beaten 5 hole so often, because he's not completely in the butterfly as the shot gets there.. or conversely why he's getting beaten up high other times, because he's trying to think and goes down too quickly.. a vicious cycle of failure when you're a goalie, when you don't outwait the shooter and trust in your own reaction time, which mason isn't. instead the shooter is outwaiting mason and going high when he goes down too quickly and 5 hole when he stays up too long.

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