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05-05-2004, 12:04 AM
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Originally Posted by PrussianBlue
Let's look at this from another angle, though... suppose a Kyle Chipchura, or an Alexandre Picard, or even a Wojtek Wolski, falls to the Blues. None of those situations is completely out of the realm of possibility. Do you still take Green if one of those guys is available?

And if you'd take one of those players over Green, how much difference is there really between any of those guys and Lukas Kaspar? Or Enver Lisin?
If Chipchura and Wolski by some miracle, fall to the Blues, I'd be very upset if they let them go past. Mike Green I'm high on, but I would stick to BPA no question at all, even taking into account Wolski's indifferent play this year. If I were at that draft table, I wouldn't even bother going up to the microphone; I'd just yell from where I was.

The difference between an Enver Lisin and a Chipchura to me is only that I've seen Chipchura whereas I don't get to watch any RSL action. I can only call 'em as I see 'em, which is a definite fault, and will probably lead to my inevitable downfall in any argument.

Originally Posted by PrussianBlue
That's all great, and once again... if the Blues draft Green, that's OK with me.

Let's assume the Blues do take Green. What move do you make in the second round? Do you go with a goalie? Do you reach for a LW like Lethbridge's John Lammers (5-11, 182, 21-24-45 in 62 GP), or maybe Mitch Bartley (5-11, 204, 31-28-59 in 72 GP)? Or maybe a right wing?
With second round, I'd rather go BUPA (Best Upside Potential Available) on most teams, but perhaps the Blues getting a LW prospect at this time wouldn't be such a bad idea. That being said, if Evan McGrath is available (which I highly doubt, although Patty O'Sullivan lasted to the Wild in the 2nd last year) I'd want the Blues to jump at him.

Originally Posted by PrussianBlue
As I said in another thread someplace else, Dubnyk would be a good choice for the Blues in goal. But, sight-unseen, and going only by the demonstrated progression and improvement in the stats of Jeff Glass, I'd consider Glass a pretty darn good consolation prize.

Dubnyk is 6-05, 186. Glass is 6-02, 182. I'm pretty sure that a guy 6-02 can cover just about as much of the net as a guy 6-05, and you can't deny that Glass really picked it up in the last three months of the year.

Goaltenders first round make me feel icky, unless they're guaranteed blue-chippers like Luongo, DiPietro, or Fleury. Goaltenders are projects past the top-5 and I'd rather reserve something like that for a very late 1st or a 2nd.

Glass posted some impressive numbers, but fell pretty flat (along with the rest of the Ice) in the playoffs. Again, he'll be a project regardless, but you simply can't teach 6'5" in Dubnyk's case, and he's sure to top 200 when he's NHL ready, making him a wall.

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