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05-05-2004, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Tucker316

Cuz tucker can take it..he can take pain..he doesnt care. He just doesnt like it, he has a temper. He'll drop the gloves on peca's ass if he tries stuff. Same with anyone.. Tucker for a small guy is a tough dude.

As for brash, he may have tie's number now, but the true heavyweight of the leafs is now Belak..and quite frankly, brash has no chance vs. wade. Belak would hurt him. Brash is just a in close grappler.

I think even perrott could kick his ass. The leafs are big, the flyers are big..but the leafs are the end, they'd beat the crap outta the flyers.
The flyers are no longer the bullies of the nhl..the leafs are imo. Too much depth.
and you forgot to add the Flyers still own the Leafs. they can try all the dirty garbage they want. they still cannot beat the Flyers when it matters the most. The Flyers are deaper,better and more disciplined then the Leafs. You can take all your meanness to the local golfcourse in Toronto.

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